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Our Mission for Our Staff

Staff Values


SalsaMan encourages students to work with us. We believe in developing student talent and providing an environment to build and develop skills that focus on professional development. We provide challenging opportunities to help students achieve their goals for a successful career that will shape their future. We recruit and seek talent with the purpose to develop and coach students to build the leadership skills for growth and development. We truly believe that great success starts with great people. We seek people who have a passion for the food industry and an appetite for success. By offering student opportunities in professional areas of the food service industry, SalsaMan will help students gain hands on experience to help launch and build their careers. We provide the key elements of practical experience, mentoring, coaching and networking with individuals to develop the key skills for professional success. SalsaMan truly believes in fostering an environment for individuals to grow and succeed in their desired life path.



SalsaMan takes a great interest in our employees and believes in nurturing talent from within. We provide an environment that fosters skill development and focuses on professional progression. We seek and recruit talent with the purpose of developing leaders. We truly believe that great success starts with great people!

We're committed to offering our employees much more than a workplace. We offer them a resource for improving their skills and learning new ones; a hands-on environment where they can broaden their knowledge and benefit from the experience of others and an open atmosphere where they can unleash their imaginations and develop unique approaches to new challenges. SalsaMan provides an opportunity for our staff to practice skills that will benefit their lives and their futures. We encourage open communication, teaching and learning and we value the impact and knowledge that our employees bring to work. In short, we offer a place to grow.

We believe it's our duty to provide every employee with the resources, the guidance and the opportunities they need to advance as far as their talents will take them.



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