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Our Values

We strive to provide a natural, high quality, locally made, authentic product.

We value natural food. Our products contain only all natural ingredients to produce a fresh product that our customers can trust.

We value local farmers, thus we source local ingredients as often as the growing season allows, promoting and supporting sustainable agriculture.

We connect with our customers and encourage a relationship that provides the everyday consumer with an exceptional product. Our customer relationships are based on respect and mutual benefit. We believe in in-store product promotion and demonstrations.

We value our community and therefore, we reach out into our community to support locally. We give back to our community through donations and fundraising events for volunteer efforts and to non-profit organisations. In many cases, members of our team actually get involved and 'help out'.

We value our environment and reduce, reuse and recycle whenever and wherever possible. In fact, less than two percent of our waste is actually garbage. We also purchase local and environmentally friendly products for our business.

We value our product's safety and thus follow very strict procedures to ensure that our products meet the highest food safety standards.

We believe in providing opportunities for our staff to learn leadership, and responsibility and to experience life in a fun-loving, safe environment.

We value the impact and knowledge that our employees bring to work and we encourage open dialogue regarding improvements and ideas for our work environment and our products.

We value the business of our buyers and we treat them with respect, honesty and follow an open communication policy.


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